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Surface Treatment Masking - Gritblast, Plasma Spray, Shot Peen, Paint, Plating, Etc.

The Rubberhouse has over 10 years experience in the designing, engineering and manufacturing of surface treatment masking. Whether it be a simple plug or a complex boot or fixture, The Rubberhouse, is ready and willing to work with you. As each mask is unique to its usage and environment, consultation with The Rubberhouse, is strongly advised. For a partial list of tools that are available, please click on Tools. The Rubberhouse services both OEM and O&R Facilities in the Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, Commercial and Private industries.






Extrusions - Cordstock, Tubing & Custom Profiles

Extruding rubber is the process of forcing uncured rubber through a die which has been cut to a desired cross-section or profile.

As the rubber comes through the die, the rubber tends to swell due to many variables such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc. After the uncured rubber is extruded, it then needs to be cured or vulcanized. During this process the rubber will either swell or shrink a little depending on the compound being used. Because of these variables, tolerancing must be more liberal than those used when molding rubber compounds.

Questions or concerns should be discussed with The Rubberhouse via phone, fax or e-mail.





Sheetstock - A Multitude of Uses

Sheetstock can be utilized in a variety of fashions. Sheetstock can be used as is or it can be die cut, stripped, laminated, or in any combination to suit your requirements. The Rubberhouse, can provide you with sheetstock in various lengths, widths and thicknesses in a wide range of materials.

Questions or concerns should be discussed with The Rubberhouse via phone, fax or e-mail.





Die Cutting - Seals, Gaskets, Washers, Etc.

Die Cutting lends itself to a never-ending list of shapes and forms that can be produced, utilizing either rubber or plastic. Certain variables occur depending on material, thickness or durometer.

Questions or concerns should be discussed with The Rubberhouse via phone, fax or e-mail.





Molded Products - Masks, Plugs, Bumpers, Vibration Mounts, Grommets, Etc.

Molded rubber is the process of placing an uncured rubber compound into the mold cavity where it is then shaped and cured into the desired finished product, often utilizing heat and pressure. After the product has been removed from the mold, excess material (flash) must be removed. Depending on the compound being used, a second step in the process of vulcanization must take place. This step is referred to as "post cure." After post cure, parts are inspected, packaged and shipped to the customer. This method of manufacturing allows for much more detail and customization of the finished product, as well as tighter tolerancing.

Questions or concerns should be discussed with The Rubberhouse via phone, fax or e-mail.




Portfolio - A gallery of some of our previous work...

Masking for the Pratt & Whitney JT8 Engine (click images for larger view)
The main surface mask for the JT8 engine, custom designed by The Rubberhouse.
The part to be masked before application of the main surface mask.
The surface mask as applied to the JT8 engine part.
Custom manufactured covers complete the mask, shown here with 2 of the covers installed.


Channel Masking (click images for larger view)
Top view of a several different channel mask extrusions.
Cross-sectional view showing the unique shape of each extrusion.


Plasma Spray Masking With Fixtures (click images for larger view)


Plastic Templates (click images for larger view)
Templates provide a consistent way to measure coating thickness, allowing for more precise quality control.